Safety, Quality and Environment

Grupo Navec

The Navec Group Safety, Quality and Environmental Policy is focused on:

Offering our clients a service that meets their Quality needs, expectations and demands, guarantees a high level of Safety for our employees, contractors and facilities, minimises waste generation, promotes the sustainable use of resources and the protection of the Environment and encourages effort and continuous improvement.

The principles that guide this Policy and facilitate its application are:

− People are our company's most important asset. The commitment of each and every member of the organisation is essential for this goal to be achieved successfully.

− Quality products and services, ensuring that clients' needs and expectations are always met, based on a firm commitment to compliance with legal requirements and regulations, on the use of appropriate materials and on advanced production methods controlled and developed by skilled professionals in order to optimise quality and minimise environmental and safety hazards.

− The Management undertakes to promote a culture that recognises the importance of quality, health and safety and the environment in meeting our business targets; a culture that encourages the support for and the participation of all employees and people who work for the organisation on the basis of training and awareness-raising activities, with a commitment to providing the resources necessary for the continuous ongoing staff training and thus ensuring that this Policy is understood, applied and kept up-to-date throughout the organisation.

− Compliance with regulatory standards (UNE-EN ISO 9001, UNE-EN ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001), periodically monitoring and reviewing this policy and the objectives set out to ensure its continuing suitability and the ongoing improvement of the system.

− Prevention of pollution by reducing the environmental impact currently generated, extending the proper measures of order and cleanliness, using natural resources in a rational, efficient way and promoting the re-use and recycling of generated waste.

− Provision of a healthy, safe place of work, and operating in a way that is neither damaging nor detrimental to health, in accordance with best practices and business procedures, which identify our dangers and assess and control our hazards.


For the Navec Group safety is a priority feature of our management model.

We work throughout the company's business units to implement an occupational safety model that is designed to yield a sustained reduction in the accident rate.

Our goal in occupational health and safety is to prompt and strengthen a feeling and spirit of safety among all employees. This will inevitably lead to optimised working conditions and a clear trend towards fulfilling the essential target of protecting our employees and their health.


The Navec Group has undertaken to develop and maintain a Quality Policy and a set of Quality Objectives in its various business units.

The quality process continuously manifests itself in our services and plays a decisive role in meeting our clients' expectations. The ultimate quality of our services is the result of planned and systematic preventive, detection, corrective and continuous improvement actions throughout the development of our projects.

Achieving the level of quality required to make our commitment a reality is based on the following criteria:

- Quality does not consist solely in satisfying all of a client's requirements, but in anticipating their future needs.

- The method employed to obtain quality is based on planning and prevention, and not on a posteriori inspection.

- Facilitating training and the resources required for each person in the organisation to fulfil the permanent quality commitment.


Ever since it was founded, the Navec Group has worked to apply policies that will guarantee the consolidation and competitiveness of the Group, the protection and improvement of the environment, the quality of its products and services, and a safe and stable work environment.

The Navec Group assumes Environmental Responsibility for its actions through its public Policies and Commitments, compliance with environmental regulations, its improvement targets, and communication with interested parties.
The environmental commitment made by the Navec Group is focused on preventing pollution and minimising the environmental impact of all action taken in the course of its projects and contracts.