Human Resources

Grupo Navec

The Navec Group provides the chance to work in a Company committed to the training and continuous development of its employees in a multidisciplinary environment.

Our success is built on qualified and enthusiastic staff whose work enables them to further their personal and professional development. In short, we aim both to engender a sense of pride in belonging to our workforce and to attract new talent to our Group.

Training and development
At Navec Group, our HR management model is peopleoriented and our commitment to their development lies in fostering participatory and transparent management to encourage people to take on new responsibilities in a climate of mutual trust. The Navec Group is, in addition, committed to real gender equality of opportunity at work and has therefore established an Internal Equality Committee.

The Navec Group helps employees to improve their current and future performance and gears training to results. We are nonetheless aware that professional courses alone are not enough to achieve this objective and Training is thus a shared responsibility in which the focus is on people. Training and Development are therefore based on the employee's workplace, the manager from whom constant support is received, the work environment, the work team to which the employee belongs, the allocation of new projects and responsibilities, and work in multi-function groups.

From the very moment a person joins the company, we offer the chance to take part in a project that furthers his or her personal development, yields the maximum benefit for the employee's career and contributes to the success of the organisation.